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May 18, 2020: finally the lockdown is over!

This is a date that we will remember as the day of rebirth, the beginning of a new life! We have been forced to review our habits, our lifestyles, our way of being, to give up hugs with friends and to stay away from our loved ones. But this doesn't mean that we have given up on living!

We are a warm people, we are Italians! Full of resources and always ready to rise stronger than before, to be reborn from their ashes as the Phoenix! It's time to be reborn, to spread your wings and start flying!

Like a tree that shakes off the winter snow from its branches, like a plant that sprouts in the spring, revive yours with Arbor Vitae Dermocosmesi. Discover all the benefits of the Tree of life!

Can we lock the clock hands and witness the rebirth of our face? Of course yes!

We continue our beauty routine with a 99% natural product, born from a deep knowledge of raw materials and active ingredients aimed at contrasting the signs of aging.

Arbor Vitae Multiactive face cream was created for this!

It is a UNIQUE product of its kind: a 99% natural cosmeceutical enhanced by botox-like oligopeptides and 5k hyaluronic acid that nourish and restructure the skin in depth.

Ideal for day/night facial treatment to combat and reduce skin aging.



Why is it different from the others?

Simple! It is the only one to contain in high percentages pure Moringa oleifera seed oil and multiple active ingredients which, by performing a powerful anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing and nourishing action, make the skin much more hydrated and unresponsive to thermal variations (cold, wet, dry ...). The Moringa leaf extract also performs an important ANTI-RADICAL action: by creating a barrier effect, it protects the skin of the face from damage caused by pollution.

The snail slime, obtained from certified anti-stress breeding, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

Moringa oil also gives elasticizing and illuminating properties and thanks to the careful selection of the oils present (Salento olive oil, wheat germ oil and argan oil), all non-comedogenic, and thanks to the natural hydration factors, this formulation it is also suitable for the tendency to dry skin of young women over the age of 30.

How to apply it?

A small amount of product is sufficient to be applied on a well-cleaned and dry face (with our face cleanser of course! Click here to find out more). Start applying it with a light massage to promote its complete absorption and at the same time reduce muscle tension, accumulated in this period of stress, making the face relax.

This reactivates microcirculation and promotes the absorption of ESA and PENTA PEPTIDES, which mimic the action of botulinum toxin, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which plumps and smoothes wrinkles. The cream is therefore also suitable for the treatment of the eye and lip contour as it is able to stimulate the action of fibroblasts and thus give skin firmness and elasticity.

The skin will appear soft, elastic, luminous, seductive.



What to know more?

  • All our raw materials have been chosen in respect of the environment and the consumer, avoiding the use of SLES, SLS, parabens, silicones, paraffins and dyes;
  • All our formulations are Cruelty-free and are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin;
  • We work with respect for the environment, in fact we have reduced the percentage of water present in our cosmeceuticals.


Arbor Vitae: Science and nature for the well-being of your skin.

You start to be reborn from small things, from small gestures, taking care of yourself, your body.
Small things are responsible for big changes!

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