In the past, it would certainly have been difficult or very strange to talk about a topic like this in the family or even in public, considered by many to be a taboo.

Fortunately times have changed, knowledge is no longer what it once was and the attention of each of us towards this important problem has changed.

Intimate well-being is composed of small gestures, small hygienic-behavioral habits that allow you to protect the delicate balance of intimate areas and prevent annoying irritations and infections which, if neglected, can create discomfort and serious complications.

Culturally, women have always been the first to pay attention to their intimate well-being. They are "physiologically" predisposed already during adolescence, with the arrival of the menarche, to look for the most suitable products for their intimate hygiene.

On the contrary, most of the time men pay less attention to their body and limit themselves to using the products that are already present in the house, at hand, without knowing if they are suitable or not for intimate cleaning.

But luckily these habits start to fail. Even the man, more aware of himself, is looking for products suitable for his needs.

Daily gestures and the use of specific products make the difference!

  • The choice of underwear, preferably in natural fabrics such as cotton and not in synthetic fabrics (microfiber, lycra, nylon, polyester ...): cotton is in fact a breathable and absorbent fabric that helps to reabsorb sweat avoiding the proliferation of microorganisms that not only cause bad smells but also annoying infections;
  • It is now known that the use of very tight and restrictive jeans or clothing can cause irritation from rubbing and limit perspiration;
  • Frequent sexual intercourse, some sports, intimate deodorants, the continuous use of pantyhose or internal absorbents only cause problems that could be easily avoided with the necessary precautions.


And how should you behave in summer?

Even more in summer, thanks to the heat, humidity, too tight clothes and of course the sand, salt and chlorine, it is necessary to pay more attention.

It is in fact important, especially for women, to avoid sitting directly on the sand or on wet surfaces, where it is known that it is easier to nest the bacteria that can cause unpleasant infections of the genitourinary system.

It is recommended, after a swim in the sea or in the pool, to remove salt and chlorine with soft water and especially if on vacation, in villages or houses by the sea, avoid using the bathtub and prefer the shower, to limit more and plus contact with surfaces.

Obviously the use of the right intimate cleanser is essential!

This is the reason why proper intimate hygiene is essential to prevent unpleasant inconveniences, which not only cause discomfort to the individual person, but can become a real couple problem.

Intimate hygiene must be a daily gesture, but at the same time not excessively frequent.

The choice of the right detergent is of fundamental importance and must not be aggressive in order not to deplete the natural hydro-lipid film of the mucous membranes, not to mention the delicate microbial ecosystem and physiological pH.

Our DELICATE INTIMATE CLEANSER has been formulated precisely for this!

Dermatologically tested, it is specifically indicated for the daily intimate hygiene of the whole family and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Free of SLES, SLS and parabens to avoid annoying sensations of dryness and irritation typical of their use, it is instead composed of delicate eudermic surfactants that do not have a delipidizing and foaming effect and together with lactate they help restore the correct pH of the intimate area.

Why is it different from the others?

The composition is made exclusive by the presence of oil and extract of Moringa oleifera leaves, which are rich in natural antibiotics, unique in their kind, perform an antibacterial and antifungal function, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

The presence of inositol also activates cellular respiration and promotes nourishment and elasticity of the skin and, together with the known anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa and Niacinamide, helps to give a calming effect after use.

Cherry on the cake? The fantastic summer fragrance "coconut and lime water" to wrap up with a pleasant and indispensable sensation of freshness!

The key word is: prevention!

Take care of yourself to better enjoy your intimacy!