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The term "cosmeceutical" has now entered the common language and indicates a product that can somehow be defined halfway between a cosmetic and a drug.

It is a cosmetic formulation particularly rich in active and functional ingredients, both of natural origin and of modern biochemical conception, aimed at contrasting and preventing skin blemishes.

Inside it there are bioactive molecules able to prevent skin aging, to carry out a detoxifying action, to act as anti-inflammatories and antibacterials by counteracting redness, or by promoting the healing of superficial lesions.

Although cosmeceuticals have not yet been well defined from a regulatory point of view, it is essential that the manufacturing company works with transparency and respect towards the consumer.

The Moringa oleifera, undisputed queen of our products, known to the world with the name of Tree of life, is extraordinarily rich in bioactive molecules.

An innovative, fresh, elegant line that fully exploits the functional properties of this extraordinary plant, to wich we have combined modern cosmetic technologies, for a renewed vitality of the skin.



Facial cleansing gel, cleanses the skin respecting the natural physiological composition.

€18.00 -10% €16.20


Ultra-delicate intimate cleanser for the most sensitive skin.

Delicate intimate cleanser ideal for the daily intimate hygiene of the whole family.

€12.00 -10% €10.80

Body-face box

The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul. -Audrey Hepburn-

€102.00 €88.00